6 Ways You Can Save Money on a Portable A/C Unit

Heat can be terrible, and during those times, we do whatever we can to keep ourselves cool. However, the problem with this is the fact that most of us use A/C units that tend to bring about huge energy bills at the end of the months. But, there are some ways you can actually save some money by using a portable AC unit, and we are going to tell you how.

1 – Use Energy Efficient Cooling option

These portable A/C units are great because they can be moved from one room to another, which basically means that you can cool yourself down no matter where you are in your home. Because of this, you won’t be using your central A/C as much, and the house will still get cooled down, and especially the part of the house where you’re in. There is no reason to cool down your entire home; use a portable A/C to only cool down the room you’re in at the moment, and when you move, move the portable A/C with you.

2 – They Control the Temperature Better

The best ac unit available can alter the temperature to a bit of a higher setting. Don’t adjust the temperature right away; give your body a time to adjust to it by changing the temperature a bit over a certain amount of time, like a few days. And who knows, you might even realize that you prefer a temperature to be a slightly higher to the one your central A/C offers.

3 – Quick Cooling Devices

Most people, when they realize that it’s suddenly gotten really hot, crank up their cooling unit in order to get a blast of cool air. However, with central units, that hot air gets despaired through the entire home, which won’t lead to a “quick cool down”. However, a portable A/C unit can cool the place down rather quick, because it focuses only on one part of your home.

4 – Pick the Right Size and Save Much More

Make sure you get a portable A/C unit of the right size, because having one that’s too large would lead to unnecessarily high energy consumption. On the other side, a too small portable Air Conditioner unit wouldn’t be able to cool the room down, and would need to work a lot more in order to make it happen, and use a lot of energy during that process, and shorten the unit’s lifespan. So, choose the right one by measuring the average square footage of your rooms, and find the unit with the appropriate amount of BTUs (British Thermal Units). For rooms under 250 sq. feet, you’ll need a unit of 7-8,000 BTUs. For rooms ranging between 300 and 425 sq. feet, you’ll need a unit of 10-12,000 BTUs. And for the rooms ranging from 400 to 525 sq. feet, pick a unit of about 14,000 BTUs.

5 – They’re Better Than Window A/C Units

First of all, the portable units are better than the window units because they’re more energy efficient. Then, these things are great for all the neighborhoods that prohibit having window A/C units. There are some towns that have laws that prohibit this, or some neighborhoods just have annoying people that always complain about them. So, avoid it all by getting a portable A/C unit. And finally, the portable A/C unit does not block the view and does not avoid the natural light from entering your home. This is something the window A/C unit users usually complain of, while the portable A/C users have no such problems.

6 – They’re Great for Older Homes

The older homes have smaller windows, which can hardly accommodate a window A/C unit. That is why a portable A/C unit is perfect for such homes. Apart from that, some older homes do not have ductworks, and installing one could be really expensive. Avoid it all by getting a portable A/C unit.