A Buyer’s Guide for Vacuum Sealers

You’ve probably heard about the amazing things a vacuum sealer can do with perishable food and other things and you’ve been convinced you need one. Before purchasing a vacuum sealer it’s important to understand which vacuum sealer is the right choice for you. The information below should help you find the right vacuum sealer for you.

What Do You Need the Vacuum Sealer For?

Ideally you should set your budget after choosing which kind of sealer you need and not after. If you need to vacuum pack a lot of food for example, then you should get a professional grade vacuum sealer. They let you have a lot of control over how the products are sealed and can handle sealing a lot of things.

If you only want to seal up a few things a day or vacuum pack select items from your weekly grocery shopping trip then a basic domestic model will suit your needs quite well. You can choose between counter-top options and portable models.

A counter-top food sealer is a pretty heavy appliance that you put on your corian kitchen worktops. Different models have different features but each model should vacuum pack your food and extend its shelf-life.

The best portable vacuum sealer is lighter and battery operated so they are pretty easy to carry with you. They are less powerful than their counter-top cousins though and are unsuitable for standard freezing. They are a good choice for people who go fishing or camping and need to seal and freeze small things on the move.

External vs Internal Sealers

You can remove the air from the bag either inside the sealer or outside of it. Sealers that remove the air while the bag is inside are called chamber vacuum sealers or internal vacuum sealers. With these you place the bag inside the chamber and close the lid. Everything happens inside the sealer and these sealers are best for high-volume packaging.

External sealers use clamping technology or a retractable nozzle and attach to the bag to take the air out. So everything happens while the bag is outside of the machine. They aren’t able to work to the same strength as an internal sealer but their functionality and convenience make them a better choice in some circumstances.

Other Factors

There are some other factors you need to consider before purchasing a vacuum sealer. The vac-bags, external attachments and the maintenance-friendliness of the sealer are all important.

While some counter-top sealers work best with their proprietary bags you can also find models that let you use polyethylene bag rolls that you can pick up cheaply from your local department store. Given the recurring costs of purchasing vac-bags this can be an important factor.

There are also special attachments you can purchase that allow you to use the vacuum sealer to seal jars and canisters, giving them higher levels of functionality and use. There are also anti-drip trays and sealers that are more dishwasher friendly. These kind of functionalities make the appliance live longer and make it easier to maintain and clean. Of course extra functionality and accessories comes at an extra price so decide what you want out of your vacuum sealer and find the one that does the right job at the right price.