Wired vs. Wireless CCTV Cameras: Which Is Right for My Home Security System?


Because of the emerging development of technology, there have been several changes and upgrades to almost everything and the CCTV cameras has not escaped to this. Today, we can see in the market that there are different variations of home security systems that include the wired and the wireless CCTV systems. Now, this article in collaboration with All Security Solutions CCTV will show to you the advantages and disadvantages of both systems to help you decide which is right for your home applications and to avoid the confusion of the consumers.

Wired Security Camera

The wired security camera is the first one to be introduced in the market and has been widely accepted by people not just in the UK but in all parts of the world. In fact, a great number of the populace still use this at this present day and age. The name itself implies that this camera needs a wire for it to function. The power of this system runs through the data cables from the device to the monitor.

  • Advantages

The good thing about this cameras is, it is not prone to signal interference. Meaning, this establishes a good signal wherever you install it or in cases of external factors like strong winds and the like. Moreover, this type is very hard to hack thus, outsiders who attempts to get into the system will fail to do so. Since the wired security system is small and compact, you can easily conceal and install them anywhere on the range of the receiver. On the other hand, this cost-effective wired camera is very user-friendly, easy to use, install. Aside from this, it gives you an excellent audio and video output and it allows you to connect via the internet.


  • Disadvantages

Since this type uses cables, it also mean that this can cause tripping hazard and it would make it a bit harder to conceal the camera because of the wires. In addition to this, the wired CCTV cameras are difficult to move after they have been installed that means you have to remove them before moving it from one place to another. This kind of CCTV system can be a bit expensive depending on the brand and specifications of the camera. The resolution plays an important role in the pricing so you have to double check before buying.

Wireless CCTV Camera

  • Advantages

This type is popular among all consumers because they are small and easy to setup even if you do not have the technical knowledge about it. Also, since they are wireless, you can remove and reposition them easily anywhere you want and since they lack the cables, you can hide them efficiently without hassle. Another advantage is they do not need a cable for data transfer as it automatically sends the video and audio feed to a receiver, recording device or the monitor.


  • Disadvantages

The common downside of a wireless CCTV system is its power source which means, they need a wired unit for charging but as a solution, you need to purchase a separate adapter that allows you to connect a battery to the camera. Also, this camera has risks when it comes to signal loss and interference like extreme weather conditions, sunspots and others. When the system experience loss or interference, the result of the feed will be affected in terms of video and audio quality.